For Modernization, Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Migration, WEB Front Development, Container Technology / GitHub.
On the other hand, in GUI Creation, we can have created a highly artistic UI / UX interface.
Also providing Consulting / Marketing / Patent Acquisition.
We would like to be a Partner "CenterPoint LTD. (CP)" that provides Migration and Digital Transformation (DX) of our customers' core and information systems.




In order to accelerate Cloud Computing and DX, the current core system is modernized to build requirements definition & Non-requirement definition.
FD-> SD-> PG-> MT-> CT-> ST-> PT
Also, develop and create by utilizing Containers Technology.

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Using best practices, including each cloud platform and state-of-the-art technological approach, we deliver services that enable people to harmonize with the evolution of technology and share diverse values.

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In recent years, the demand for strategy-oriented consulting has been increasing, and there is a need for knowledgeable and experienced human resources who are ready to work.
We support the formulation of strategies and plans for digital reform and project execution.

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Web Development

WEB- Development / Creation -

At our company, which has been designing from some of media, it is so important, to be marketing theory and artistry basis which is user interface, for Corporation. We also provide production formulation including your CI (corporate identity) with HTML / CSS / JavaScript as one " One of Writing Brush".

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We support our customers through localization activities. There are many cases where the maturity and trends of the market are different in each country, and we support strategy formulation and commercialization when expanding overseas through these issues, and both domestically and internationally.

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Contract Patent

Contract / Patent

At CenterPoint LTD., many experienced people are responding based on many achievements.

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Center Point LTD.


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