Digital Transformation (DX)” to able to support by CentrePoint LTD.
While residing overseas and experiencing global business, we have responded to a variety of situations and changes in the times. Today, companies have to challenge two things. "IT investment to comply with national and global regulations" and on the other hand, it is "business aimed at new domain". Companies are obliged to also reduce CAPEX and OPEX while reducing TCO. However, we must respond to conflicting demands such as new business investment. At our Center Point, we provide service of the medium- to long-term P & L formulation, planning preparation, contract formulation, patent acquisition arrangements, and for customers according to business. We will also support customers' digital transformation (DX) and TCO reduction through eight marketing activities based on marketing planning and four localization activities supporting productization in each country.



Center Point LTD. supports customers' marketing activities in the following
eight areas with a special focus on strategic marketing planning.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Center Point LTD. prepares a strategic marketing plan for foreign companies which start their Japanese affiliates with a limited number of personnel or for Japanese companies without enough staffs.

Marketing Outsourcing

Center Point LTD. provides marketing outsourcing service for companies without enough personnel for marketing operation.

Public Relations

Center Point LTD. carries out the following tasks for customers' press releases:

  • creating, translating or rewriting them
  • distribution to appropriate media
  • uploading them to free web sites

Center Point LTD. also arranges press conferences, round table conferences and media interviews as well as collecting clippings of published articles on customers' press releases.


Center Point LTD. provide the following services to prepare and publish advertisements for customers.

  • Media planning:
    • Creates plans and selects media optimal for customers' products or services.
  • Media buying:
    • Buys time and spaces for advertisement.
  • Overall advertising operation:
    • Performs all necessary tasks to place customers' advertisement on media using manuscript materials prepared by customers.

Center Point LTD. buys sponsor slots of media events for customers. Center Point LTD. also creates advertising materials for customers by designing and lay outing them, and preparing copywriting for them.

Creating Marketing Tools

Center Point LTD. prepares for customers a wide range of tools for sales promotion activity. More important ones among them are web contents, company profiles, public relation magazines, novelties, advertising materials(posters, banners and others), product brochure, use case briefs, solution brochure, white papers, presentation materials, demo videos, banners for exhibitions, paper bags and name cards.


Foreign-affiliates generally visit customers at the time when their managements at their headquarters visit Japan. Center Point 's telemarketing solutions provide customers outsourcing solutions for inbound marketing and outbound marketing based upon a variety of customers' requirements, which give rise to actual business. Center Point LTD. has many business experiences in telemarketing outsourcing for local governments and private enterprises.

Sales Promotion

Center Point LTD. makes plans for, chooses locations for, operates and administrates progress of a variety of meetings for sales promotion: exhibitions, seminars, workshops, user conferences, partner forums and off-site gatherings.

Translation of marketing materials

For foreign companies, Center Point LTD. translates English documents of their headquarters into Japanese. For Japanese companies which has business abroad, Center Point LTD. translates their Japanese documents into English. Center Point may rewrites such documents to adjust them to the market. More important ones among materials translated by Center Point LTD. are press releases, web contents, company profiles, product brochure, use case briefs, solution brochure, white papers, presentation materials and demo videos.


Center Point LTD. support customers by the following four localization services.

Project Management

Center Point LTD. executes project management in each of the following processes in localization works; making cost estimates, creating project schedule, preparing files, translating materials, proofreading, quality assurance, verification on real machines, desktop publishing, creating help files and final confirmation.

Product Localization

Center Point LTD. makes localization to user interface(GUI), administrator interface(GUI), online help and verifies them on real machines. This includes localization of software itself.

Document Translation

Translation of product documentation is necessary tasks for many companies. In document translation, Center Point standardize terms and expression by building database with translated text using various computer assisted translation (CAT) tools such as SDL TRADOS, Idiom, Catalyst and Wordfast. This also contributes to cost reduction by accumulation of translation memory. C Center Point prepares style guides and glossary if necessary along with document translation. Applicable languages for translation by Center Point LTD. are English to Japanese and Japanese to English.

Desktop Publishing

Center Point LTD. provides desktop publishing services as well as translation services in case it accompanies translation services. Applicable tools for desktop publishing are Microsoft Office, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesing, Adobe Illustrator, Quark eXpress and others.


At the Center Point LTD can offer medium to long term P & L formulation,
plan preparation, contract formulation, arrangements for patent,
review of contracts according to business and negotiation and consultation with attorneys,
review of English contracts and formulation of contracts.

We will support customers through formulation.
Through global and domestic business, and future acquisition of patents by
TPP is a necessary matter in protecting customers' assets that are very important.
Our staff will improve customer ROI with these environments,
and with lawyers and patent attorneys, and from thier poit of view.

Handling of Privacy Policy

At Center Point LTD., we consider the proper use and protection of personal information to be a social responsibility, and stipulate the handling of customer's personal information in the following items.

Privacy policy

  1. We will appoint an information manager for each department that handles personal information, clarify the roles and responsibilities of employees, and strive to properly use and protect personal information.
  2. When requesting customers to provide personal information, we will inform them of the purpose of use, contact point, etc., and appropriately acquire and use personal information within the scope of the purpose.
  3. Personal information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the permission of the individual, except when there is a valid reason such as when required by law.
  4. When entrusting personal information to a business consignee, we will manage and supervise it after contractually obliging it to protect information equivalent to our company, and prevent leakage.
  5. We will endeavor to keep personal information accurate and up-to-date, and take reasonable safety measures to prevent leakage, falsification, leakage, etc.
  6. If the customer wishes to disclose, correct, or suspend the use of the personal information provided to us, we will respond within a reasonable range after confirming the identity of the customer.
  7. When we receive a complaint from a customer regarding the handling of personal information, we will endeavor to respond appropriately and promptly.
  8. We will comply with Japanese laws and regulations related to personal information and the guidelines of our affiliated business organizations, and will continuously review the handling of personal information and strive to improve it.


Center Point LTD.


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